According to the 2010 U.S. census, Asian Americans make up 5.6% of the total U.S. population... That's about 17.4 million people who identify themselves as Asian or part Asian. However, this number represents an increase of 45.6% from the 2000 census, making Asian Americans the fastest growing of all the major racial/ethnic groups in the U.S. in terms of the percentage. In the state of Texas, the Asian population, during this same time period, grew from 644,193 to 1,110,666, a 72% increase; the greater Houston area has experienced a similar increase. The current Asian population in this area is approximately 400,000, which is 7.1% of the total greater Houston area population. This represents a 70% increase in Asian population since 2000. With this tremendous increase in the Asian population, the real estate industry has taken keen interests in this expanding market.



     The Asian American Real Estate Association (AAREA) was formed in 2003 from a real estate organization formally known as the Greater Houston Chinese Real Estate Association (GHCREA), which was founded in 1995. It was a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the Asian American presence at-large within Houston. Taking GHCREA’s lead, the purpose of AAREA is to: Sponsor various activities for the Asian American community to educate and promote knowledge of real estate transactions; Establish collaboration between and among the Asian American-owned businesses; Strengthen the image of Asian American real estate agents; Promote the business of real estate through cooperation with every business enterprise and small business owner; Proactively protect the rights of our members and all other Asian American real estate agents; Provide continuing education through seminars, training sessions and bi-monthly events; and Establish global and local networking opportunities for Asian American real estate companies within the US and countries in Asia.


AAREA owes its success to the GHCREA. Since 1995, with the leadership of past GHCREA Presidents-Kenneth Li, Pius K. Leung, Paul Lin, Vera H. Lin, Melissa Hwang, Ann Wang Cheng, Lauris Tam and AAREA founding Presidents Kenneth Li, Lauris Tam, Charles Chou, and Dan Goon, the association has grown from its original thirty members to about three hundred members. AAREA offers two types of membership: the regular membership for the licensed active Texas real estate agent and the affiliate membership for non-licensed individuals.


     AAREA has regularly scheduled activities: the Spring Gala, the bi-monthly luncheon, the Mix and Mingle membership drive, and MCE classes. The Spring Gala provides its members and guests a time to join together in a relaxing environment in order to celebrate the Lunar New Year; scholarship recipients are recognized and receive their award provided by AAREA at the Gala too. The bi-monthly luncheon is free to members. Topics range from real estate forecasts, property exchanges, property inspections, legal issues, and tax-related topics, just to name a few. At the Mix and Mingle membership drive, the association provides members with a time and place to network and to circulate their business information. Two, three times a year, AAREA invites instructors to hold MCE classes and events for the licensed real estate agents, which have included MCE Cruises. Members getting the MCE credit and a cruise are an excellent way to have a vacation, get some work done and network in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Our past President, Lauris Tam led a very successful real estate trade mission to China several years ago. In 2015, he will lead another real estate trade mission to explore business opportunities in China.


     AAREA has previously partnered with other real estate organizations at various Home Buying Fairs. AAREA brings the real estate industry and the general public together at this event to provide the latest real estate information to the home buyers and exchange ideas with the first time home buyers. AAREA also participates with other non-profit organizations such as in 2013 having served Thanksgiving Meals with the Houston Police Department at the Turning Point Center. AAREA is a part of this great community and we want to give back to our community whenever we can, to help make our city a better place to live.


     If you are interested in expanding your business to the Asian communities, AAREA offers sponsorship opportunities. Not only are you supporting a great organization, but you will also be reaching Asian American real estate professionals to market and promote your products and/or services. For any further information regarding AAREA activities, please visit: or contact any of the AAREA Board Members. Thank you.


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